Selecting the Right Electric Motor Controller for Your Project

Selecting the Right Electric Motor Controller for Your Project

Electric motor controllers (also known as drives) are essentially used to ‘control’ the operation of an electric motor, be it brushed or brushless. Electric Motor Power utilises a range of controllers for various applications, and our team works to our clients’ specific requirements when quoting on a suitable electric motor controller for a project.

All Brushless DC (BLDC) motors require a controller to perform the electronic commutation which allows the units to function, however the scope of controllers in this area is vast and the features of different electric motor controllers is what drives our recommendation for specific requirements.

An electric motor controller is essential for several reasons:

Speed Regulation

Controllers regulate the speed of your electric motor by adjusting the voltage and/or current supplied to it. This allows for precise control over the motor's rotational speed, which is crucial in various applications where consistent speed is required.

Direction Control

Controllers are also used to facilitate the control of the motor's direction of rotation. By changing the polarity or phase sequence of the electrical signals, the controller can reverse the motor's direction, allowing it to perform tasks that require bidirectional motion.

Efficiency Optimisation

For inner permanent magnet (IPM) DC motors, controllers with a field weakening feature will keep the efficiency of the motor at the highest value for that specific operating point, and will allow a wide range of operations for the motor.

This is especially useful for traction applications and hydraulic applications, which experience a wide range of loading points, for example.

Protection and Safety

Electric motor controllers often include built-in protection features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal protection. These safety mechanisms help prevent damage to the motor and other components in the system, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring safe operation.

Our current range of stock motors and controllers provide the capabilities to fully vary the speed, cap upper and lower limits, change acceleration and deceleration times, and other standard features relevant to most industries.

For more complex control system requirements, EMP ensures our qualified electrical engineers can discuss and understand your project requirements to offer a suitable electric motor controller solution with our motors.

Common Project Requirements

Aside from the standard features listed above, the most common reasons for utilising a specialised controller is due to one or a combination of the following:

  • Servo drive requirements
  • Position control specifications
  • Dual motor (master/slave) synchronisation
  • CAN Bus functionality
  • Remote connectivity functions
  • Multi-stage speed set-up / multi-stage position set-up


Why is a Complete Solution Important?

The past few years have seen a rapid development, both locally and globally, in robotics and autonomous vehicle systems. Being able to set-up our motors to assist the specific project requirements for our clients helps to provide a one-stop shop which speeds up the control and automation process. Ensuring full functionality prior to ever hitting our customer’s premises, so that we can provide them a certain level of confidence across both the motor and control side of the equation.

Who can Assist with Selecting a Suitable System?

Any one of Electric Motor Power’s electrical engineers, working alongside our motor design team, will be able to assist you with selecting the right type of motor and controller combination, and ensure that your system is tested and set-up prior to delivery. 

It is critical to certify that motor and controller inter-connectivity is achieved and combining those expertise together under the one roof helps to eliminate the need for multiple external resources which may or may not understand each other’s products and how they interact together.

Most importantly, Electric Motor Power always provides our clients with the opportunity to speak to an expert along with the provision of various set-up documents to assist you through the process.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with our team, get in touch with us to send a enquiry.

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