The 3 C's of Working With The Defence Industry

The 3 C's of Working With The Defence Industry

As the defence sector looks at how alternative power sources can provide an advantage in operations, productivity, and safety; the types of end systems being used are broader, the challenges faced are more defined and the outcomes are much more visible. Electric motors are one of the key technologies being integrated into everything from vehicles to robotics, periscopes, drones, and HVAC systems, where best possible efficiencies and lower noise are highly valued for enhancing operations out in the field.

When it comes to working with a highly specialised and critical sector like the defence industry, reliability stands out as a fundamental pillar in any project or engagement. This reliability can be encapsulated within three core areas: 

  • Collaboration
  • Customisation
  • Control

These "3 Cs" are essential for ensuring successful partnerships and delivering on the stringent demands of defence projects. Underpinning these pillars is capability—the ability to work effectively with defence teams, understand their specific requirements, and consistently deliver quality solutions that meet their specifications while also being able to scale operations as needed.

What do the ‘3 Cs’ stand for?


Collaboration is at the core of any successful defence project. Working with defence teams requires a deep understanding of their unique challenges and objectives. When Electric Motor Power partners with these clients, it’s not just about providing a motor, it’s about a partnership that delivers a reliable and robust end-to-end solution.

We specialise in…

  • Reliability in our capacity to meet our defence clients’ unique and stringent needs, ensuing we deliver their desired outcome
  • We act as a partner in the motor design process; with the ability to work from concept, solving challenges, to delivering the final product
  • Providing through-life support for the project


In the defence industry, commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS) are rarely adequate. Customisation is crucial to meet the specific requirements of each project. This involves tailoring products, services, and processes to align with the unique demands of the defence sector. 

Challenges in this sector often relate to size or weight constraints, as well as lowest noise and highest efficiency required from the motor designers.

Customisation ensures that the final product is perfectly suited to the operational environment and strategic goals of the project. Our capability to understand and implement these custom requirements is what sets us apart, allowing us to provide solutions that are not only effective but innovative. 

We provide…

  • Reliability in the design process and ensure that the end solution will be fit for purpose
  • We guide the client through the entire process, from start to finish, right through concept design to testing prototypes, feedback, evaluation, through to production
  • Electric Motor Power also has the resources to be able to scale into production once testing is complete and the product is commercialised  


Control is a critical component when delivering projects within the defence industry. This encompasses quality control, project management, and risk mitigation. Maintaining strict control over every aspect of the project ensures that we meet the high standards expected by our defence clients. 

This includes rigorous testing, continuous monitoring, and stringent compliance with regulatory and safety standards. By exercising meticulous control, we can guarantee the reliability and integrity of our deliverables, providing peace of mind to our defence partners.

Electric Motor Power’s products are Australian designed, engineered and owned. We understand the importance of sovereign capability obligations, from ensuring we can maximise local content requirements, avoid supply chain issues and manage and maintain critical design information and intellectual property onshore.

Adhering to the three pillars of ‘Collaboration, Customisation, and Control’ is our overarching capability. This refers to our proficiency in working with defence teams, our deep understanding of their requirements, and our ability to deliver according to their specification. 

Furthermore, it encompasses our capacity to scale operations and maintain consistency across different projects and environments. Having the right capability ensures that we can not only meet but exceed the expectations of our defence partners, providing solutions that are reliable, effective, and sustainable.

These pillars, supported by our expert experience, enable us to build strong partnerships, deliver tailored solutions, and maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability. By focusing on these core areas, we can continue to support the Australian defence sector in achieving its critical missions and objectives.

Electric Motor Power holds ISO9001 quality accreditation and is backed by over 35 years of industry experience, contact us for more information about our services in this sector.

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