Parts: Brushes

Parts: Brushes

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Brush maintenance is an important part of ensuring your DC motors are running to their optimal capability and should be checked at least yearly, depending on the duty cycle and environment, and replaced once worn.


Brush dimensions:

M3: 6.35 x 12.70 x 20.00 mm

M4:  6.35 x 12.70 x 25.00 mm

M5: 8.00 x 20.00 x 25.00mm


NOTE: This item is sold as a set of 2 carbon graphite brushes


Please confirm selection based on

1.EMP series type (M3, M4, M5)

2. Voltage (12-24v, 27-74v, 90-250v)

to ensure the right brushes are provided to suit your particular motor.