M090S-4151 (300v / 375w / 3500rpm)

M090S-4151 (300v / 375w / 3500rpm)

Electric Motor Power Pty Ltd

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300 volt single Brushless DC motor
375 watt continuous rating
Speed: 3000-3500rpm


Motor diameter: 100mm


The M090 motor range is for high voltage applications, with a continuous power rating from 350w to 1000w (depending on the motor size) and is wound for high performance and efficiency at high speeds (ranging between 3000-4000rpm)

For this motor we recommend the FS50L (750w) controller. Click to view controller specifications and manual


Brushless DC motors meet variable speed requirements (adjusted and capped via controller), are easy to change direction and have a higher starting torque than AC motors.
EMP's range of DC motors are highly efficient, generally operating at above 90% efficiency. They are also smaller than their AC equivalents and can operate at very low speeds if required.

IMPORTANT: All BLDC motors require a suitable controller to perform the electronic commutation function in order to operate. These controllers also provide the capability to:
-Control and cap the speed
-Reverse direction of the motor
-Set acceleration and deceleration requirements
-Assign specific control parameters via custom set-up of your controller


Can't find what you are looking for, or need a custom solution? All EMP design and development work is performed in-house, with proven capabilities in product development for our customers, which allows us to provide any range of product from 12v-415v, 50w to 50,000w, and all at your required speed.

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