Here at EMP we have designed and produced a wide range of motors to suit many various applications, and understand the specific requirements for certain industries.

We have therefore carefully selected a range of our motors which are used in common everyday applications and offer these as a kit (motor, controller, gearbox, etc) so that these can be utilised as a 'plug & play' for OEM's & end users alike to incorporate within your systems.

Each of the products listed is powered by an EMP motor specifically designed and produced for purpose, with each of the other components stringently checked for quality, ensuring we can supply a superior packaged solution.

Products you can currently find include:

-Powerful electric boat motors (providing up to 160LB thrust, equivalent to a 6HP outboard!)

-Solar pool pump systems of 900w and 1200w, at a price most will struggle to match for equivalent DC motor systems

-Vibration Exercise Machines with remote control and programmable settings

-Small winch motors (brushed) including gearbox and sealed to IP65 rating, supplied ready mounted with stainless steel drum 

With many more options to be added in the near future... watch this space!