Low Voltage Brushless Motor Controller (EMP100A)

Low Voltage Brushless Motor Controller (EMP100A)

Electric Motor Power

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EMP Brushless Motor Controller.
For use with BLDC motors 12v to 48v.
Max. input current 100A


Features of this controller include:

  • Two current limits  -  Peak current limit to protect controller  - Timed current shut off to protect motor 
  • Input voltage sensing and auto-shut off at low voltage 
  • Full variable speed control.
  • Inputs    -  Variable acceleration and speed via potentiometers    -  Forward reverse input 
• Voltage range 12-48v DC (extended ranges available)

  • LCD readout of parameters (optional)

  • Max power 5kW continuous for 48v (100A continuous)
  • UART communication to allow synchronised motor control

Refer attached Manual for full details and wiring information