BLDC / 24v / 500w / 3000rpm (M099-25)

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24 volt Brushless DC motor
500 watt (0.5kW) continuous rating
Speed: 3000rpm
Brushless DC motors meet variable speed requirements (adjusted and capped via controller), are easy to change direction and have a higher starting torque than AC motors.
EMP's range of DC motors are highly efficient, generally operating at above 90% efficiency. They are also smaller than their AC equivalents and can operate at very low speeds if required.

IMPORTANT: All BLDC motors require a suitable controller to perform the electronic commutation function in order to operate. These controllers also provide the capability to:
-Control and cap the speed
-Reverse direction of the motor
-Set acceleration and deceleration requirements
-Assign specific control parameters via custom set-up of your controller

For this motor we recommend the KLS-S controller (with 24v DC/DC converter). Click to view controller specifications and manual


Motor diameter: 108mm
Standard frame sizes for this motor: D71B5; D71B14 (14mm shaft) 
(click to view and download dimensional drawings for each)



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