Brushed / 48v / 540w / 2000rpm (M5-808N)

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48 volt Brushed DC motor with cooling fan
540 watt (0.54kw; 3/4HP) continuous rating // 750 watt (1HP) Intermittent rating
Speed: 2000rpm


Variations are available for this product:

- Select the motor configuration to suit your requirements. This motor is available in IEC frame sizes: D71B5; D71B14. SEE DIMENSIONS

- Foot mount can be added

-Gearbox can be added – check the range of suitable gearboxes and select your frame size to match the motor and select your Gear Ratio required.


We ensure the use of quality components with all winding and assembly work performed in-house, and always aim for the best possible efficiency from all of our products to the benefit of our customers and to our environment. 


MOTOR DIMENSIONS (click to view and download drawings for each) 





D71B5 F D71B5 G
D71B14 D71B14 F D71B14 G

NOTE: All M5 motors up to 375w are rated for continuous duty and are TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated), while Brushed motors between 375-540w require a cooling fan for continuous use to avoid overheating.

These fan motors can also perform on an Intermittent basis up to 750w depending on your usage and application.


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