Controller / BLDC / High Voltage (FS50L - 11000w / 15HP)

Controller / BLDC / High Voltage (FS50L - 11000w / 15HP)

Electric Motor Power

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For use with High Voltage Brushless motors: 300v DC (220v AC).
For motors rated up to 11kw (15HP) continuous


Features of this controller include:

  1. Flexible input voltage: single phase 240v AC, 3 phase 220v AC or 300v DC
  2. Adjustable current limit.
  3. Close loop speed feedback
  4. Close loop current feedback
  5. Instant reversal with adjustable acceleration/deceleration
  6. Dynamic braking with optional power resistor
  7. Different ways of adjusting the speed (0-5v, PWM)
  8. Operating the brushless motor in sensor less mode or
  9. For high starting torque applications the optional encoder card

Refer attached Manual for full details and wiring information