Thruster Motor / 24v / 1100w / 100LB thrust

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Voltage: 24 volt
Input Power: 1100w
Static Thrust: 100LB

Pelican is a specialist division of EMP, established to perfect a Brushless motor system for boating. We know that electric boat motors are the way of the future given their environmentally friendly nature, and recent technological advances have made these systems much more affordable. Our Brushless range of boat motors suits boats up to 3 tons and all systems use EMP motors.

With our products ranging from 80LB to 160LB thrust options, we provide a starting power where most others are finishing, and therefore can assist owners of the larger boats as a result! 

Advantages of the shaftless unit include the ability to customise onto each individual boat and use your own existing connections and mounts to suit, without compromising on the motor system used. It suits keen boating enthusiasts looking to tailor a solution with their own control system and is also great for use as a thruster motor on larger boats.

This product is therefore also suitable for other applications requiring water propulsion.

Each shaftless product comes complete with cables, sealed motor and controller. 2 props (1 as spare), power switch to IP65 rating, a potentiometer for speed control (or the option for joystick control also)

Each system comes with 5 in-built safety features as standard, LED Voltage Display, and they are much quieter than brushed motors and especially quieter than petrol alternatives. They are also lighter on power to weight ratio making them easy to transport.