Please find below a list of our most frequently asked questions. if you still have a question that is not answered here, please contact our sales team.

Where would a DC motor be most suitable:

DC motors have a vast range of applications and are commonly used in pumps, winches and hoists, HVAC, transport and gate/door automation. In recent years the market has seen huge growth in electric motors and vehicles of all types, such as wheelchairs, mowers, go-karts, buggies, farming ATVs and unmanned vehicles.

DC motors are fast becoming a viable alternative to AC motors based on their higher efficiency, lower weight for similar power, higher starting torque, ability to change direction and superior ability for applications requiring speed control.

How do I find the right motor for my needs / Should I use a Brushed or Brushless system:

Firstly, you will want to determine if your project will be suitable with a Brushed motor, or if Brushless is the way to go.

Brushless motors have many added benefits over Brushed units. They can be controlled at any speed, easily reversed, have less noise, higher power to weight ratio, higher efficiency and less maintenance (no brush or commutator erosion).

If you do not need any of these added benefits a Brushed unit would be suitable, but if lower weight, speed control, less maintenance, etc are important considerations then a Brushless (BLDC) unit would be more appealing.

With this in mind, you can search by Brushed or Brushless, and by your voltage/power/speed requirements to find the most suitable product. If you require a BLDC motor there is then a link to the most suitable controller for each item, which is required to perform the electronic commutation function.

What if I need a customised product:

This website lists just a selection of the products we have available. There are endless possibilities when it comes to performance and configuration, and we are confident we can assist on a huge selection of project requirements.

For further information please refer to our Customised Solutions page. We pride ourselves on this capability. EMP can use our standard range of items to match your performance and configuration needs. Simply contact us to let us know your requirements (sales@emppl.com.au | +61 3 9720 6366) and we will be able to customise a product and quote for your needs.

Where can I find performance information:

For ease of reference, all product headings contain a summary of the product performance details. This is based on Continuous operation (as higher power can be achieved when used intermittently, for example)

Each Series has a summarised version of the performance of each motor, for ease of comparison of similarly sized motors.

There is also a full technical report for each motor[PT3] available, highlighting the efficiency and speed at various stages of operation. These are in the process of being uploaded but can, for now, be provided upon request.

Where can I obtain the datasheet:

Datasheets for each of these items are in the process of being uploaded and if it is not shown on your desired item simply contact us to provide this information to you

What is the efficiency:

EMP’s brushed motor range is generally above 80% efficient, and we have achieved some exception efficiency with our range of Brushless motors, which is generally above 92% and exceeds the standards required for High Efficiency (IE2) and Premium Efficiency (IE3) motors.

Can I use my own controller / I don’t know what controller to use:

All BLDC units require a controller to perform the electronic commutation function, hence you will need to add (if you don’t already own) a suitable BLDC controller for Brushless motor. The most suitable controller for each product is noted on the motor page, so once you confirm motor specifications, simply click the link for the controller and add this item to ensure the motor controller will function together.

All controller manuals are noted on the website, to allow you to set up accordingly and program according to your specific needs.

If no controller is noted we will contact you to find out what controller you currently have and to make sure this will work with the motor purchased.

What about Controller set-up:

With thousands of different requirements between all our customers it is not possible to pre-set any controllers without knowing individual requirements. Most customers will find it easy to set their own parameters based on each individual application. If you are unsure or require our technical staff to pre-set with the motor prior to delivery, we will need to know your exact requirements in order to prepare a quote for the additional labour involved. (motor controller)

What is the duty cycle:

All motors within the Brushed and Brushless [PT6] range of products on this site are noted based on Continuous operation, so duty cycle is S1 (100%)

This means that for Intermittent duty cycles it is often possible to use a smaller motor, depending of course on your runtime requirements. Any Specialty products based on Intermittent use will be noted as such.

For example, a 250w (continuous) motor will be capable of achieving 1kW for a limited time of a few minutes. This is especially useful to keep in mind for Intermittent applications such as winches, hoists, forklifts, etc, when deciding on your motor requirements.

What Quality Control standards are in place:

Electric Motor Power operates to a ISO9001 Quality Management System, which is certified by SAI Global.

For over 30 years we have maintained a strong focus on technical quality and our ability to design and manufacture based on our customer’s requirements has driven our growth to this day. We maintain strict control processes for all staff and production managers. The safety and reliability of our motors is of the utmost importance to us, with many motors operating uninterrupted in the field for over 20 years.

What Terms & Conditions apply:

For a full list of EMP’s terms and conditions of sale please refer to our T&C’s link at the bottom of this page. This contains all relevant warranty and sales information both locally (Australia) as well as overseas.

Can you perform repairs on DC motors:

EMP will only perform repair work on products which we have manufactured, regardless of the age of the motor. We do not perform re-work on any other brands or products. Our goods come with a warranty period of 1 year from date of purchase, based on the details outlined on our Terms and Conditions page.

What if I want to purchase higher volumes:

Our production capabilities across two factories means that we can assist with any quantities, from one-off end users through to high volume production for global businesses.

We can assist with discounts for high volume orders, as well as for batch orders based on weekly/monthly collection requirements for our customers.

For orders of 10-50 units a set structure would apply, and for orders of 50+ please contact our sales team to see how we can tailor a quote to suit your requirements.

What is the design process for new developments:

EMP has over 30 years of motor design and development capabilities and are also pleased to assist our customers get new projects from concept stage through to becoming a reality in the market. We take great care in the production of our motors and make sure we work to meet specific requirements.

We would firstly arrange a technical meeting / telecon to discuss the exact requirements and application, and then proceed to a feasibility check and provide drawings for your approval based on the noted specifications and, once approved, proceed to quoting stage and then producing the sample unit(s) for your review and testing. Once the sample unit is incorporated successfully within your system we would then proceed to volume production based on any feedback from this final testing.

This process will ensure you can have full confidence in the product and incorporating it within your system before proceeding to the stage of volume purchasing.

I cannot find the product I am looking for:

This website lists just a modest selection of EMP’s range. It is highly likely that we will be able to produce your motor based on custom performance or configuration requirements if your item is not listed.

Our sales team will need to arrange a customised quote in this case, so please contact us and let us know what you require.

Delivery times & shipping costs:

The timing and cost of delivery will vary depending on your product selection, any modifications required, the volume required and the delivery location.

As a general guideline, brushed motors can be built, tested and dispatched within 2 weeks for small orders, while BLDC systems are closer to a 6 week delivery timeframe.

The cost of delivery is calculated at the checkout stage, however you can enter your delivery location with the items in your cart to see an estimate of the final shipping costs before finalising any orders.
Goods within Australia are calculated based on land transit, while overseas goods will be calculated based on air freight costs, likely to be dispatched from Ningbo factory.

Pricing and Taxes:

Prices for all of our units are calculated and displayed in Australian Dollars. There is a useful currency converter on this site, which allows you to see the cost based on your local currency, be it US$ / Euro / GBP or NZ$ for example. This pricing can fluctuate based on the exchange rate with the Australian Dollar at the time.

Prices shown are subject to GST for sales within Australia, and this is calculated at the checkout stage. Please keep this in mind for orders within Australia.

If you would like more information on our products or are looking for a custom motor for your project,
please contact us with your enquiry to talk to one of our sales team.

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