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BLDC motors: an alternative to AC motors

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DC Motors - The possibilities are endless

Over the past 30 years EMP has designed and manufactured many thousands of different motor types, and with endless possibilities when it comes to performance and configuration options, this site lists just some of our most common items.

Advances in Brushless Motor production and affordability over recent years has also meant a wealth of control options to suit these systems, available to view in the Controller section.

We invite you to browse the range of products, sorted by Brushed, Brushless, Gear Units & Controllers, to find the performance you require, and 'Filter' through the products based on your power / speed / voltage / frame requirements, or any combination of these details.

Products on this site range from 12v to 300v DC, and from a power range of 50w to 5kW, though we also custom produce motors to 50kW. EMP's standard motors are available in IEC frame, though we also produce to NEMA standards and can accommodate custom requirements also.

CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and see what solutions we can provide, or use the BESPOKE MOTORS link below to tell us what you need: sales@emppl.com.au | +61 3 9720 6366

Bespoke Motors - Customised to your requirements!

Bespoke Motors - Customised to your requirements!

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