Brushless DC Motors

While the majority of DC motors are brushed, in the future these will be surpassed by the brushless DC motor alternatives, especially for applications requiring higher power and variable speed control.

Brushless DC motors are quieter and perform with higher efficiency, generally at or over 90%, which exceeds the standards required for High Efficiency (IE2) and Premium Efficiency (IE3) motors. They require less maintenance and have a longer life expectancy than brushed DC motors due to no brush or commutator erosion.

Brushless motors have many added benefits over brushed units as they can be controlled at any speed, easily reversed, produce less noise, feature a higher power to weight ratio, have higher efficiency and require less maintenance (no brush or commutator erosion).

Brushless DC Motors

Brushed DC Motors

Electric Motor Power manufactures 3 different sizes of Permanent Magnet Brushed DC motors covering a range between 30 W to 540 W continuous duty (or>1 kW for Intermittent use) and from 12V to 250V DC.

All our motor design and manufacturing is done in house to meet IEC standards,with NEMA frame sizes also available.

We manufacture our brushed DC motors using the best quality components to ensure the highest efficiency and performance from each of our motors, which is generally above 80% efficiency.

Other advantages of brushed DC motors are their simple configuration and that they don’t require a controller. The application of these motors can be used across a huge number of products and industries including agricultural equipment, reels and winches, pumps, industrial applications such as conveyors and fans, HVAC systems, mining products, and many more. 

Brushed DC Motors

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Need a custom solution?

Electric Motor Power also specialises in custom solutions to meet any project need, be it large or small.

We can customise any brushed or brushless DC motor to suit any voltage and speeds up to 10,000 rpm. These motors can be supplied with customised flanges, shafts, brakes, encoders and other options and accessories to meet your requirements.

Our team has a vast array of experience across many industries and are committed to understanding the challenges and creating solutions to meet any brief.


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