When it comes to meeting your electric marine power needs, we strive to continually develop innovative and sustainable electric motor solutions that can be used across a wide range of applications and industries, including the marine industry.

Electric Motor Power carries a huge range of permanent magnet motors to suit a wide range of marine systems and applications for everything from smaller boats to larger recreational vessels, marine machinery and equipment which include…

Propulsion Applications

For propulsion applications, we manufacture a range of high-efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors otherwise known as PMSMs, these are AC synchronous motors, where the field excitation is created by permanent magnets, and use a sinusoidal back EMF waveform. These motors are essentially a cross between an induction motor and brushless DC motor.

PMSMs are a widely favoured choice, due to their reliability and efficiency and are perfect for those looking to reduce their energy consumption, while increasing their vessel's range and environmental sustainability. 

PMSMs also possess excellent torque characteristics at varying speeds, which in turn delivers consistent and superior propulsion performance output.

Auxiliary Systems

When it comes to auxiliary systems and smaller watercraft, Brushless DC otherwise known as BLDC Motors are popular, these motors feature permanent magnets, are extremely compact, lightweight, and possess high power density. 

Their sensorless control capabilities simplify the installation and maintenance processes, while ensuring consistent and reliable operation. However, BLDC motors may require some additional electronic controls and components.

Induction Motors 

Induction motors with permanent magnets are also a suitable for electric marine powered applications thanks to their robust design and excellent reliability. 

While induction motors are built to handle harsh marine environments and offer outstanding efficiency, depending on the application they may have a slightly lower efficiency when compared to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.

Selecting the right permanent magnet motor for your electric marine power applications depends on several factors such as the vessel's size, its propulsion requirements, your energy efficiency targets, and the operational conditions the motor will be exposed to.

Whatever motor you choose, you can choose with confidence, knowing that all our electric marine motors come with dedicated and whole-of-life service and support.

If you need further information or advice, you can always contact our skilled team of experts to discuss the right electric marine powered motor to suit your project or application.

Need a custom solution?

Electric Motor Power also specialises in custom solutions to meet any project need, be it large or small.

We can customise any brushed or brushless DC motor to suit any voltage and speeds up to 10,000 rpm. These motors can be supplied with customised flanges, shafts, brakes, encoders and other options and accessories to meet your requirements.

Our team has a vast array of experience across many industries and are committed to understanding the challenges and creating solutions to meet any brief.

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